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Tasty Food & Fast Delivery!


How to place an order?

Click Appetisers , Main Course , etc to choose the dishes you like, then go to checkout, follow the step by step.

How can I find a dish I want?

You can use the search box on top right corner. You can also browse the category Appetisers , Main Course , Side Dishes , etc.

Do I have to register?

You do not have to. You can checkout as a guest.

How can I add a request to my order?

At checkout Step 3 (if you have logged in) or Step 4 (if you checkout as a guest), Delivery Method, you can type your request in the "Comment and delivery instruction" box.

Why I can not choose to deliver my order?

There are four possible reasons.

  1. Your order is below a minimum order for delivery, which is £ 8. Please come to collect your order in our shop.
  2. You are located in an area out of our delivery radius, which is 8 miles from our shop. Please come to collect your order in our shop.
  3. You have entered a wrong address, particularly a wrong postcode. Please correct it before we can work out the delivery cost and time.
  4. We rely on Google Geo web service to estimate delivery cost and time. It is very rare, but in case the web service is not available, our website will remove delivery as an option. Please ring us for help.